Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that treats infection of the pulp and nerve of a  tooth.  There are few reasons that our dentist will recommend root canal treatment to you. Those reasons include:
  • extreme tooth pain
  • swelling
  • abscesses
  • deep cavities
  • trauma
  • fractures
  • dissolving of the tooth structure
  • repeated dental procedures that put significant stress on the tooth
Root Canal Treatment In the past, if one of the above conditions occurred, the only treatment option was to have it extracted. Now, with a high success rate, we can save your tooth. And it can be used effectively for a very long time if you maintain good oral hygiene.  

How is root canal treatment performed?

Normally, root canal treatment is performed in 2 stages. The first stage involves removing the pulp and nerve from the chamber and canals. The canals are then clean and shaped with files to make sure all infected tooth structures are removed.  There also needs to be adequate room for canal fillings. The dentist then places a temporary filling or crown to seal the opening in the tooth. The second stage involves filling of root canal. At TC Dental Group, we normally perform the second stage about a week later to ensure that the infection has cleared. The canals are then permanently filled with specific materials surrounded by sealing agents. A post crown would normally be recommended by our dentist after the completion of root canal to protect and support your tooth from fracturing in the long term.  

How do I know if I require root canal treatment?

At TC Dental Group, our experienced dentists will perform a thorough exam of your infected tooth before proposing root canal treatment. To ensure you receive the best treatment possible, we may refer your case to the endodontist. An endodontist specialises in root canal treatment if the problems with your tooth are more complex and require specialised treatment. Or if it is being treated for the second time. If your tooth has experienced extreme sensitivity to heat or cold, wake up in the middle of night because of tooth ache, or swelling of the cheek and jaw, contact us on 07-3349 9334 for a consultation. These symptoms may indicate that you require root canal treatment.