Extractions and Dental implants


At TC Dental Group, we believe that every tooth is valuable and should last a lifetime. Our dentists will make every effort to save a damaged tooth. However, sometimes there is no other option but to remove that tooth. There are number of reasons why tooth extraction is needed. Our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction for the following reasons:
  • Badly-damaged teeth that can’t be repaired
  • Baby teeth
  • Crowded teeth (or crowded mouth)
  • Infection cause by severe tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
TC Dental Extractions

Types of tooth extraction

There are two types of tooth extraction – non-surgical and surgical extraction. Non-surgical extraction normally refers to a simple straightforward extraction if the affected tooth is already loose. Local anaesthetic will be applied to numb the area. Our dentist will move the tooth from side-to-side to loosen the tooth further. Then the tooth is simply pulled out using specialized forceps without excessive force. However, if the impacted tooth is not mobile, a surgical extraction may be performed. Surgical extraction involves small incision into the gum and bone tissues that cover the tooth. Once made, the dentist will be able to reach the root of your tooth and remove it. At TC Dental Group, our highly experienced dentists can safely remove your tooth at any stage in your life. It is a relatively pain-free procedure performed as gently and carefully as possible – with your comfort and safety in mind. If you have concerns about your tooth, give us a call to book an appointment for a professional assessment. We can discuss your options clearly so you can make a better-informed decision regarding your dental treatment.  

Dental Implants

TC Dental Dental implant At TC Dental Group, looking after your smile is our main goal. When you have lost a tooth because of impact or tooth extraction, we understand the insecurity of not being able to smile with confidence. Hence, dental implants maybe one option we recommend to you when considering tooth replacement solutions.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are tooth root replacements – usually in the form of a fixed titanium post. These implants act as foundations on which fixed or removable prosthetic teeth are attached. They are created to match your existing teeth in colour, form and function.

How are dental implants created?

Normally, there are two stages in a dental implant procedure – a surgical component and a prosthodontic component. The surgical component is the procedure for inserting the titanium post into the jawbone. To achieve the best result, TC Dental Group, will refer you to a dental implant specialist to complete this procedure. The healing process, so the post bonds securely to the gum, can take from 6 to 12 weeks. Then you will return to us for the second stage – the prosthodontic component. The second stage involves attaching the prosthetic tooth (or porcelain crown) to the post. At TC Dental Group (Upper Mt Gravatt branch), we have an onsite dental laboratory with the highest Australian Standards to ensure that your implants and porcelain crowns are specifically tailored to match all your natural surrounding teeth. All our porcelain crowns are handmade by our experience and highly skill dental technicians in our Upper Mt Gravatt Branch.