TC dental FillingThe most common and popular type of dental restoration treatments are fillings. When a filling treatment is provided, our dentists use dental tools to remove the decay. This is followed by the filling of the cavities the hole with filling materials.  

What kinds of fillings are there?

TC Dental Group offers two types of fillings materials. The material chosen depends on your  personal preference as well as the position of your teeth. The two options are: 1) amalgam filling (silver filings) and 2) composite fillings (white fillings).


Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings (or silver fillings) are often used for filling molars (back teeth). Being made of stronger materials, they are more suitable for teeth that get a lot of wear and tear. They also last longer before they deteriorate.


An amalgam fillings is made up with a mixture of metals including: silver, tin, copper, zinc and mercury.  There have been some concerns over the mercury contents in amalgam fillings. However, there is no proven long-term health risks associated with amalgam fillings.


Composite fillings

Composite fillings (white fillings) are the alternative filling option. Composite fillings have been used mainly for front teeth due to its natural look. Recent improvements in the development of composite filling materials have made them more affordable and effective. Composite filling are free from mercury, and your tooth colour can be matched as close to your natural tooth as possible. However, compared to amalgam fillings, a composite filling may not be the best choice for a large filling in a molar due to its shorter life span.

If you are not sure or want to find out more about your filling treatment options, give us a call. Our friendly and experienced front desk coordinators will be happy to answer any of  your questions.