Dentures are a removable set of replacement teeth for missing teeth and surrounding gums. At TC Dental Group, we offer both partial and full dentures. Full (or Complete) dentures are offered to patients who are missing all their teeth. While partial dentures are offered to patients with a few missing teeth. Denture provides a good alternative for people who are unable to receive dental implants. Compared to dental implant, dentures are more affordable and taken a shorter time to fit.  Most dental insurance providers cover some or all of the cost of dentures.   TC Dental Dentures

How are dentures made?

In general, it takes a few appointments to have your denture made. The normal procedure is:
  1. In your first appointment, our dentists will make a series of impressions and take measurements of your jaws. This will determine spacing (the bite relationship) and how your jaws relate to each other.
  2. After that, a model will be created to ensure that the exact shape and position of the dentures are fitted. We will ask you to try your denture model on before sending it to our dental lab for final casting.
  3. Once your final dentures are made, our dentist will guide you through the instructions for the care and maintenance of them. At this time, final adjustments will be made as necessary.

What will my new dentures look and feel like?

At TC Dental Group, our dentists will work with you to ensure that the most suitable size, shape and shade of tooth are selected – so you can regain your smile with confidence! We will also ensure that your dentures feel as comfortable as possible while you are eating and when inserting or removing them. Your dentures may feel foreign or a little loose at first – but your mouth will adjust over a few weeks. If you want to regain your smile with confidence, or if you just want to find out more about dentures, give us a call today at 07-3349 9334.