Scale and Clean

Scale and clean forms the second part of our Active Teeth Maintenance Program. Your dentist or oral hygiene therapist will perform a professional scale and clean to remove plaque, calculus/tartar and stains on your teeth. TC dental scale and clean We use specialised dental instruments such as ultrasonic scalers or finer hand tools such as periodontal scalers and curettes. Often the best results are achieved through the combined use of both instruments  – it all depends on the health of your gums. It is important to have a scale and clean treatment on a regular basis – we recommend every 6 months. This is because the plaque and calculus that contains living or dead bacteria will cause gum inflammation and tooth decay if it remains untreated in the long term. The scale and clean treatment is normally completed by polishing using a slow-speed handpiece to make your teeth shiny and smooth. A topical fluoride application may be offered towards the end of your cleaning session to promote re-mineralisation.