Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the earlier identification and treatment that prevents tooth and gum diseases in the long term.  This is the service that the TC Dental Group values the most. We are a strong believer in the saying:  “Prevention is better than a cure”. Our team believes that that this is the most pain-free and cost-effective option to care for your teeth over your lifetime. There are many forms of preventative dentistry. In TC Dental Group, we have designed our Active Teeth Maintenance Program which we customise to suit your unique needs and requirements. To ensure your teeth are clean, strong and white, we recommend visits every 6 months. Our Active Teeth Maintenance Program involve 4 steps:
  1. Full-mouth examinations
  2. Scale and clean
  3. Oral hygiene education
  4. Fissure sealant
 Dental Checkup, Mouth Examinations