How oral health issues can impact on your overall health

How is oral health linked to your body health? An oral health condition, like gum disease, can complicate a number of other diseases of the body and vice-versa. Yet most people don’t know how wide-ranging and long-lasting, the effects of poor oral health actually are. People are more likely to worry about the appearance of their teeth. aaff_logo_wohd_v4The World Oral Health Day 2016 aims to shed light on the association between poor oral health and other health conditions including:
    • Diabetes – Having a dry mouth condition may be a symptom of undetected diabetes. Inflammation of the gums may affect the body’s ability to utilize insulin also.
    • Heart disease – People with a heart condition may be at risk of infection from a dental procedure. This can occur when mouth bacteria enters the bloodstream, so a patient may require antibiotics. Recurrent gum infections can lead to blocked arteries also.
    • Osteoporosis – If your teeth are becoming weak and loose, this may be an early indication of osteoporosis – way before the usual symptoms, such as aches and pains, become noticeable.
    • Malnutrition – When you have missing teeth, or an oral condition that makes it difficult to eat, you may avoid certain foods. If these are foods are important to your health, you may miss out on the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
Getting prompt dental treatment for an oral health/cosmetic condition isn’t just about getting a filling or a whitening treatment. It is also crucial to avoid the long term effects of poor oral health on the rest of your body also. Don’t forget – If you have a healthy mouth, you’ll have a healthier body.