Medibank Members’ Choice Advantage Provider

Upper-Mt-Gravatt-Medibank If you want better everyday value as a Medibank member, look no further than TC Dental Group! All of our branches are now Medibank Members’ Choice Advantage Providers. What does this mean for you?

You can get 100% back on up to two dental check-ups annually

Since TC Dental is now part of a select group of Medibank’s Members’ Choice Advantage dentists, you can get 100% back for up to two dental check-up, scale and cleans annually – if you’ve had extras cover for two months or more. This includes a maximum of two bitewing X-rays per check-up where clinically required. Better still – all of this is on top of your annual limit. So even if you’ve claimed your entire annual limit, you still get 100% back on up to two dental check-ups per year.

Better everyday value and quality of care

As a Medibank member with extras cover, you’ll get better value and pay less at TC Dental Group clinics. That’s because you pay dental fees that are generally below market rates without any compromise in quality of care. In fact, we’ve had to meet Medibank’s customer service standards, as well as the registration standards, in order to become a Members’ Choice Advantage Provider. If you are a Medibank member, enjoy better value today with the TC Dental Group!

Our branches

Upper Mount Gravatt – TC Dental Group 3349 9334 Eight Mile Plains – Everyday Smiles Dental Practice 3343 8226 Annerley – Complete Dental Works 3848 1574 Upper-mt-gravatt-dentist-medibank-choice-provider