Covid-19 Protocol

TC Dental Group has updated our health and safety measures as the exposure risk to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus continues to evolve in the community. TC Dental Group follows guidelines set by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Queensland Government for risk management in dental clinics during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

To be eligible for dental appointments, patients must present as Low Risk, meaning you:

  • have not been diagnosed recently with COVID-19 or under any Public Quarantine Orders
  • are not waiting on a COVID test result
  • display no Covid-19 symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath and loss of sense of smell or taste
  • have NOT been in close contact with a confirmed and/or suspected COVID-19 case in the previous 7 days unless their quarantine period has ended and/or COVID-19 test status confirmed respectively
  • have not visited an exposure venue or site in the last 14 days

If you are unsure of the above, we may need to delay and reschedule your dental appointment in 14 days after:

  1. your last contact with an at-risk or symptomatic person
  2. when your symptoms have completely resolved, and you are no longer considered a risk
We kindly ask that if you are a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 that you follow Qld Health Orders by getting tested as soon as possible; self-isolating for at least 7 days; and taking a test on Day 6 of their isolation period that returns a negative PCR or antigen result – before re-attending appointments. Please click the link for QLD Health information page.

When attending appointments, we ask our Patients to assist our staff by:

  • Completing to our online Covid Screening form 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • Calling our reception if you need to defer an appointment
  • Informing us of your vaccination status

When arriving for appointments we ask that you to adhere to the following steps before presenting yourself to our reception counter:

  1. Check-in using the Qld Check-In App
  2. Use the hand sanitiser provided to disinfect your hands upon arrival, as well as on departure from the practice
  3. Do not shake hands or make physical contact with our staff and patients
  4. Attend appointments alone if possible, although we are mindful of consent requirements and family commitments.
  5. Wear mask at all times, except during dental treatments (you will be advised by your treating dentist to do so)

At the Reception/Waiting area, we have

  • removed all magazines and toys
  • adjusted seating in reception area to facilitate social distancing
Our reception staffs regularly disinfect:
  • all surfaces and chairs in the reception area
  • telephones, the EFTPOS machine and pens at the reception desk
  • all door handles
  • the buttons and railings of the lift to our practice
Patients may remain in their car rather than wait in our reception area, however we ask that you call us to inform us that you have parked and are waiting in your car. We will call you when the surgery is disinfected and prepared for your treatment session. Upon entering the practice, you will be asked to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser and then escorted directly into the surgery or treatment room.

Surgery Procedures

In line with TC Dental Group’s evidence-based approach to dental practice, we continually conduct our own review of the latest data to ensure our COVID-19 precautions protocol continue to be safe and effective for our patients. As dental professionals, our clinical team are frontline workers with a higher risk of exposure; however our health and safety protocols are in place to ensure the protection of both our patients and our team. Our strict infection control measures target the three routes of potential spread in dental settings including: aerosol, contact and contaminated surfaces. We have always implemented strict infection control measures including:
  • sterilising instruments for each and every patient
  • using disposable suction tips and instrument covers
  • disinfecting the dental chair, suction cords, instrument control panels, dental light unit and benchtops between every appointment
  • placing protective barriers over surfaces such as headrest, instrument control panels and x-ray units which are changed between every appointment
  • using transfer tweezers to take materials out of drawers during an appointment (to avoid contaminating the contents of the drawers)
  • our clinical team wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks and protective eyewear

In addition to these measures we are now:

  • requesting patients to undertake a 30-second pre-operational antimicrobial mouth rinse with a 0.1% hydrogen peroxide solution prior to commencing treatment
  • using high speed suction whenever possible (reducing aerosols by 95%)
  • using a disinfectant room spray after each patient
  • using a rubber dam whenever possible (reduces aerosol by 70%)

Additional time has been added to our schedule to facilitate our latest measures. For further safety, we have installed HEPA filters in all surgery rooms to further reduce the risks of aerosol transmission.

With the COVID-19 Precautions Protocols we have implemented, in addition to our routine strict infection control protocols, you can rest assured of a safe, clean environment every time you visit us.

Please note that we will not be passing on any of the expenses associated with additional staff, additional cleaning times, disinfectant agents or PPE to you.

You may also contact the Queensland Health COVID-19 Information Line on 134268 or find up to date information at Queensland Government Department of Health website.

TC Dental Group will continue to update the Practice’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment as the community risks from the pandemic change over time.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this time.

(Last updated 17 January 2022)